• Shoelace Platysmaplasty  - Neck Lift
  • Shoelace Platysmaplasty  - Neck Lift

Shoelace Platysmaplasty

Neck Lift

There are a number of procedures to help the ageing face but very few for the neck. Many women (and men) dislike the appearance of a turkey neck or a double chin. Unhappy with the scarring of a classical neck lift, Mr Wilson has refined a procedure that will significantly improve the contour of the neck and the lax skin, with minimum scarring.

What does the procedure involve?

The operation is carried out under a general anaesthetic, with an overnight stay. Small incisions are made around the earlobes and two 3mm incisions on the neck. The skin of the front of the neck is freed up from the underlying structures and any excess fat removed by liposuction. Dissolving stitches are then passed from below and behind the ear on each side and tied to give an angle to the contour of the neck. The stitches are then passed through a series of tiny incisions below the jaw like a shoelace to draw all the excess skin together. No skin is excised. The excess skin will tighten into itself over a few days or weeks. A small dressing is applied below the earlobes and paper tapes on the small cuts. The next morning Mr Wilson applies flesh coloured tape to the neck before you are discharged. He removes this in the clinic at one week. You will then be asked to wear an elasticated garment, at night, for 2 weeks.

Is this treatment right for you?

Anyone with an excess of skin or fat in the neck, who is fit enough for a general anaesthetic may be suitable. If there is a lot of lose skin, or the skin is very heavy, then the result may only be moderate. The procedure doesn’t improve the quality of the skin itself. If there is no significant lax skin or excess fat and the issue is solely strong muscular cords, then an alternative platysmaplasty may be suggested.

Post Operative Recovery

There may be moderate bruising and swelling after this procedure. The scars settle very quickly and are not normally noticeable after just a few weeks.  At six weeks the result should look very natural, and there is then some further improvement at 3 to 4 months as collagen tightens. The final result can be seen at 6 months.

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